“People generally say "against all odds" at Twice; we say "what odd?". Our Mavericks at work believe Speed is vital in putting thoughts to execution. This skill of being agile and intent on solving every challenge makes us a unique tribe. you've got something in mind... challenge us!”

- Selva, CEO, Twice Holdings

Infra Services

Infra Service is TWICE’s strongest Domain, with 15+ years of experience and 100+ of our Mavericks each day in the sector, we've ensured several businesses stick with it with their core activity. From Power Solutions to Fire & Life Safety, we've partnered with a number of the pioneers across the world ensuring we deliver proficiently and diligently.

We have now taken these years of experience & success to allied industries such as Building & Property management with some indigenously developed Technology as Innovation to an industry that has been deprived of its true value.

Infra Services - Portfolio

infra portfolio
TD Infra Service

TD Infra is the single source of all High-Performance Equipment for your Mission Critical Processes. As a Premium Vertiv partner, TD Infra indeed holds power in the segment.

infra portfolio
SAFE Infratech

Safety and Fire Protection is the core and super effective offering of SAFE Infratech. Across India, be it commercial, residential or industrial, SAFE keeps 75 Million Sq. Ft clean and secure 24*7*365.

infra portfolio
TD Global

From BioMedical to cutting edge E-Ink display technology, TD Global has it all. It boasts decades of expertise and experience in implementing processes, tools across various industrial & technological segments.

infra portfolio

SI Care, on a mission, showcases infrastructure properties, their true value proposition with their premium Facility Management and Advanced Integrated Building Management System.

Recent Launch

Whatsee - Making Sense of Motion

We aim to enrich our customer’s Surveillance (CCTV) Video into sensible BIG DATA and use it to improve revenues. We offer a 100% “Pay-as-you-Grow” model – an industry first in the INDIAN market.


Upcoming Mission


In the near future! India’s foremost Enterprise Building Management System on SaaS model. DashX is a Building Management System (BMS), that is designed to help building and property managers identify anomalies and make better decisions. With more than a decade of experience in implementing and managing proprietary MEP systems across 75 Million Sq.Ft. of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Structures, will bring the prowess of AI & ML into the hands of Building & Property Managers enabling them to make a faster and informed decision.

Alternative Technology

There is Innovation that adds value to our lives, especially for future generations. Meet the most innovative, versatile and sustainable solution for sharing digital content. TWICE’s Alt-Tech business, TD Global (TDG) is proud to represent E-Ink, USA in India.

E-Ink is a synonym for Alternative Technology. With our make in India capability TDG, has already replaced Traditional Solutions with excellent alternative Value Proposition.

Recent Launch


Padam is the future of digital signage! Our first ever home-built product. Padam is a Portable Display With A WhatsApp Bot for sharing digital content on The Go. It’s the world’s first E-Ink Display to be managed from a WhatsApp bot (AI). A highlighted feature about Padam is high contrast, low power consumption, sunlight readability, thin form factor and is very battery friendly.


Life Science

To care is HUMAN. At TWICE, we believe in the holistic development of Mankind. For the past 15 years, TD GLOBAL has serviced a number of the foremost prestigious hospitals in India. In 2020, when the whole world was challenged by COVID19, our frontline warriors at SAFE Infratech in partnership with CALLINGTON Australia, rose to the challenge of Disinfection Service and still do so far.

Our value proposition lies in our expert knowledge, training and execution capabilities, which together can bring your hospital’s service levels up at the best value delivered. In the coming days, TWICE commits itself to focus more on healthcare especially within the Biomedical space

FMCG & Retail

Some ideas are born by talking, but the great ones are born out of listening! Think of Cheers Market as a neighbourhood grocery store managed by well-groomed staff, carrying the finest quality items in every category, with the respect you deserve as a customer. It’s a complete one-stop-shop for all your needs and offers a constantly expanding range of quality products to meet your everyday requirements and has become a household name in Chennai.

Another complimenting initiative within the FMCG domain from TWICE is Rukmini Foods, which is aimed to supply hygienic staples procured from the best of the merchants across India. Together these two brands are fast becoming the face of TWICE in B2C markets.


Zaprify is a new age start-up with a team of high calibre solution integration professionals. We faced multiple challenges in managing or implementing enterprise software and overhauling the processes to meet the changing business requirements. This led us to think out of the box and develop disruptive technologies that provide enterprise-grade capabilities and scale in smaller and lighter packages.

In the current world trend, customer relationships have become an inevitable step for all companies. With the help of our AI & ML Mavericks, we act as a partner to increase your brand awareness, reach and generate leads across various channels through our unique marketing campaigns.

Recent Launch


“The ultimate purpose of collecting the data is to provide a basis for action or a recommendation” – W Edwards Deming

MyDash by Zaprify, a one-stop source for all your AI, CRM, Machine Learning and IoT needs. With a team of experienced developers in place, we provide services for fast-growing companies with dedicated engineering teams to deliver scalable products that users love.




“There were 5 exabytes of information created between the dawn of the civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every two days” – Eric Schmidt, Google.

India's First Truly Cloud-Native Data Center! With a strong foray into AI, ML and Video Analytics TWICE is launching its own 10K Sq.Ft. DATA CENTER called Stackroo in Chennai by August 2021. Collectively, we create purpose-built, carrier-neutral facilities that focus on energy efficiency and flexibility to meet customers’ requirements.

Stackroo will strengthen its overall focus on data-driven allied businesses. This facility will also serve as an incubation facility for several young entrepreneurs who require Faster & Bigger Computers to run their Complex Algos at the site.


Vetri the bot!

“We’re at the beginning of a golden age of AI. Recent advancements have already led to an invention that previously lived in the realm of science fiction – and we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Vetri the bot is currently in a learning phase! And he is learning fast! Get A Personal Assistant - Vetri is an intelligent bot that learns from his experience and gets better and faster with every question he answers. He understands human language and communicates with us in a very friendly manner. Once you get to know Vetri, we think you are going to love him! What more do you need when you have Vetri answering all your queries 24x7!

Upcoming Mission

June Islands

Welcome to our most exciting venture so far! This Mystic and Hidden Island with lust & serene landscapes is an ideal retreat for active types who appreciate a little luxury at the end of the day. June Island may be the last place you’d expect to find an elite eco-living destination with waterscapes. This August 2021, it will no longer be top secret. Be one of the first residents in this exclusive development!


Fast forward to today, and our mission is stronger than ever on serving our clients and growing their businesses online. Whether we do this via SEO, Paid Media, Digital PR or a combination of everything, we focus on the bottom line for your business.

With our HQ in Chennai, home of South Indian Cinema, how can we stay far from Reel Life! As a full-fledged media house, we are not only into the entertainment business alone but also into every other branch of media & advertising. With the invasion of OTT platforms, demand for content has risen multi-folds. With access to technology and immense talent and resources, our foray into the digital content development arena is a stone throw away!


infra portfolio
infra portfolio
infra portfolio
infra portfolio
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